Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Juggernog Edition

Hey what’s up everybody.

So Treyarch is releasing a Black ops lll Mini Fridge designed after the perk-0-cola power up machine in the other black ops games.  This is a real mini fridge of course because they’re charging you $200 USD.  Now for all of you Black Ops fans this actually comes with some pretty cool stuff (including the mini fridge).



#1 – The Mini-Fridge

The fridge holds up to 12 12oz beverages, lights up and has sounds from the game.

#2 – Coaster Set with custom tin

This includes Revive Soda, Speed Cola Soda, Double Tap Root Beer and Juggernog Soda logos from Black Ops 3. It Also comes with a custom tin for those coasters.

#3 – A Collectible Steel Bookcase

#4 – Tons of In-Game Content such as:

The Cyborg Personalization Pack, Black Ops lll Personalization Pack, The Weaponized 115 Personalization Pack and a DLC called “The Giant”. You get to join the old characters when it left off from origins.

#5 – The Season Pass

Allows you to play all 4 DLC Maps as they launch for the game.

#6 – The Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Digital Soundtrack

#7 – Specialist Concept Art Cards

Treyarch is coming out with a new system that allows you to select from 9 different Black Ops characters in multiplayer.  Each of which is said to have their own personality.  They are displayed on a card of their own that provides concept art, biographies and a description of their abilities.


I think that this might be just a little bit over priced because even though that fridge is cool no mini fridge of that only holds drinks should come up to 200.  It does come with other content and the season pass which is a must have if you plan on playing this game almost everyday.  I honestly would’nt recommend this to an average gamer, more like a fan of some kind.  I am a huge fan of Fallout and I dropped my jaw when they announced “The Official Pip-boy”, I say official because fans have already made their own.  So if you really like these games I think it is important to support them and also receive some pretty cool merchandise in the process.  Tell me what you all think below and don’t forget to research more about this product because I am just the messenger.

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Thanks for Reading.


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