New Goosebumps trailer!

Hey what’s up guys.

So today I was on my computer and here is what I see.


I am extremely excited for this but I have to admit I was just a little skeptical of the cast at first but the trailer actually grew on me.  I would say that it was cliched or corny no, this seems like a classic fun movie and I absolutely cannot wait to see what it has to offer.  I love how Jack Black is making is hardcore come back recently. he has a ton of films being released soon.  I sort of grew up on Goosebumps and old Disney films so this just caters to me in almost every way and I hope you all like it too.

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      1. I like horror and mystery I don’t really like to read anything realistic because nothing fascinating happens but I love all movies
        And speaking of movies have you seen nightcrawler

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