Gauntlet Arriving on PS4

Hello there.

So I got up this morning and heard about this. It’s nice to hear about these games that may seem like they’re not a big deal but they play a very important role in gaming. Because when we are done playing the assassin creeds and the call of duties we have something to relax and simply enjoy. Gauntlet slayer edition is coming in august and it will be 19.99$ only on the playstation store.  It is not just a PC port but said to be a stronger, cooler and more slayer-y but version of the one they released on PC.  They even added more content and a new teased game mode.  I think that for twenty bucks this is definitely something to own.  I also see a lot of people saying it’s so amazing that they’re bringing back local co-op, so do I.  Tell me what you guys think below and be sure to look this game up.  I left the video below, check it out.

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One comment

  1. This was an awesome remake of the original Gauntlet that released back in 1985. If you love hack n slash games you’ll like this. I have it on PC.

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