Rise of the Tomb Raider Coming to PS4!

Hey guys.


So I recently found out that Rise of the Tomb Raider has been confirmed as a PS4 title to come out mid-2016.  I already heard rumors, It was literally back and forward. “It’s exclusive” “No it’s not” and now “Yes it is!”.  Sure Microsoft has somewhat of an advantage but Sony is in it for the “long run”.  This does not bother me at all even though I only own a PS4 at the moment, I do plan to get an Xbox One as soon as possible.  Now going forward with this “Deal of Exclusivity” that Microsoft and Square Enix have clearly made.  Square Enix is hoping to make it up to Playstation Fans by selling you the game on PS4 at a discounted price when the game releases. Some people are saying 40$, some will obviously still be upset about this happening at all. So I suppose this price will depend on how most of the PS4 Fans feel.  Tell me how some of you feel about the situation and what console you’ll be playing this game on.


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As always thanks for reading and I’ll be back.


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