No Man’s Sky Sean Murray plays for 18 Uninterrupted minutes

Hey guys.

This is a title I absolutely cannot wait for. It has always been a dream to have a game with such a giant, vast world to do what you will in it. In fact Sean even goes on to say later in the video that you will be able to play the game to suit your desires. From harvesting, Combat, Level grinding and even being some sort of rebel by joining other “pirates”. Yes you read that right, He states that you can basically piss off the space police by committing an intergalactic-crime.  This blows my mind about the game even more than before, every time I think this game can’t get anymore crazier it actually get’s way more into detail.

Sean show’s off some menu based gameplay and tells us a little about inventory. He says that you will be able to upgrade your ship, guns and see all of your discoveries throughout the game.  Usually this isn’t a big deal but for a game that is probably the most open world game ever! It is just chaotic and amazing.

As he’s playing the game he travels to a planet called “KRADDAKK” we also see that the planet’s Atmosphere calculations are: 53% Oxygen and 47% Hyglese, it also shows that you discovered it showing your username at the bottom.

As Sean lands he has to break through what I’m assuming is the planet’s ozone layer. When he lands you see life on the planet and he tells us about harvesting what they call “Diamonds” you later use to buy various items. Keep in mind that if you mine a planet too much “The Sentinels” which are apparently robots will be on alert for you, that doesn’t sound good but we are gonna test our luck anyways.

He show’s us a really cool feature as if No Man’s Sky wasn’t awesome enough. He scans the planet so now it shows us a numerous amounts of interest points on your HUD Radar and this is also how you discover different life forms which you can name after yourself or whatever name you’d prefer. “I could name them “Seanosuars”.  The markers will be from Merchants to Ancient relics.

He states that the Big Light in the middle of it all is actually “The Center of the Galaxy”. You can make it there eventually and you might even feel like you’ve completed No Man’s Sky, but technically you never really beat the game. He says that when you make it there it will be worth it. So God? Spiritual Answers that relate to us in real life? or even Nothingness, we don’t know and that curiosity is what makes No Man’s Sky so interesting is that feel of not knowing what you are stepping into.

I know most of us have seen how big the game can really be, but we haven’t until now.  The game is “infinite” to us. It would be impossible to actually complete all of this game, therefore it not only gives us an open world game it offers the ability to play it forever.  I can’t wait guys, IGN delivered this news to us so be sure to watch their video and tell me what you think about this revolutionary game to come.

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