App of the Day – Shazam

What’s up guys and welcome to another app that I think you should check out.  It is already very popular and you might already know of it.


So Shazam is categorized as an audio app that gives your smart device ears.  This is an app I’ve always wanted, even before smart phones existed I imagined being able to identify songs with a device as a kid.  So let’s just say this is very revolutionary, for me at least.  Shazam isn’t just a simple music app it does various things and I will be telling you everything I know about it right here.

You apparently need to sign in with your facebook account in order to save you tags which are things that you’ve Shazammed. I recommend this but if you don’t want to then that’s fine too, you should still be able to see a history of your recently shazamed items.


I have no problems with start up or bugs. The app has a lot happening on the screen at almost all times but it is organized. This is a free app to download but they do have a premium version called “Shazam Encore” but there’s no pressure to upgrade. You’re able to connect Shazam to Spotify but I don’t really see the need for that, there must be a good use of the combination but I wouldn’t know because you need to pay for Spotify.


Music is a very crucial element in just about everything we do today such as movies, dancing, singing, playing video games and even working out. Music is something that is implemented into everything we do from background music to theme songs.  In the Shazam App you are able to Shazam something by pressing the obvious Shazam button on the screen.  When pressed it loads and listens to your surroundings. If you have it at a good distance from where the audio is coming from it should pick it up about 100% of the time, but if you have noise in your background it will have trouble sometimes, so just for future reference tell them to shut up!


What I love about Shazam is that it gives you everything you need all in one place. After “Shazamming” something it should pop up the artist name, the album title, the name of the song, the lyrics and where you can listen to it at.  My favorite thing about this app is something any film buff will drool about. Being able to make Shazam listen to any part of the movie or TV show.  It doesn’t just tell you the name of the show it will tell you the exact episode and season. Shazam Entertainment Limited encourages you to use their app at the movie theater, you can even Shazam commercials as you can see all of that below.


As I was writing this I went into Shazam and I noticed that it needed to update.  The update was for what I am assuming the camera feature.  This allows you to scan barcodes, posters and products.  So “Shazamming but for pictures I have a couple of screenshots but as far as getting it to work it didn’t really help me.  I turned my light on at one point and I even turned off my light, turned on my camera flash just so it could tell me the same thing.  I am not bashing this feature in any way. I’m letting you know my personal experience, maybe I wasn’t doing it right (most likely) but I think you should give it a chance as well.


Okay People that’s my app that I recommend for today and even if you don’t like it I urge you to try the app in whatever form suits you (it’s really fun!).

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As always thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more great content for you.


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