Minecon 2015 Broke a record thanks to the fans!

Reportedly 10,000! fans were there as The Guinness World Records officially granted it the title of “The World’s Largest Convention Dedicated to one Game”.  Tickets (129$) were reportedly sold within hours of exposure as a part of a 2 day event.  I’m one of the people that thought Minecraft was “overrated” and “overhyped” but I will admit right here on my own website I was being stupid.  I love Minecraft just as much as the next fan and it is a very reasonable purchase, so there’s no excuse as to why some of us “Gamers” haven’t at least tried it.  Any game that can bring this many people together deserves to break records.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to go like most of us, that’s okay because building castles with secret lairs or playing through the entire main quest is important.  That right there is what built great franchises that we see today.  So let’s keep playing and supporting these guys for being original, that goes a long way in this day and age of gaming.

Here are some really awesome photos of the event:

minecon-2013-cosplay-advernture-time6618685163_6ce3cf4e6e_b.0.0 article_post_width_uuuminecraft-ramparts

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Thanks for reading.


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