Fallout Shelter Coming to Android!

Hey, so I just found out earlier today Fallout Shelter will be releasing on Android in August of 2015 and this means that we get the app before Fallout 4’s launch, this should give us time to populate our shelters.  I hope you guys were watching Bethesda’s E3 Conference because in my opinion they had the best conference out of every company.  We really have to give Besthesda a round of applause, because even though it took 100 fortnights to announce this game we are still getting a release date. Not just any release date, we’re talking about this year which is insane!  That’s it, I’m calling it. Fallout 4 is gonna get GOTY (Game of the Year) and we all know it, even if you don’t like the series.  Back to the topic. At first sight I assumed that Fallout Shelter would be the typical farming app that we use for 40 minutes 2 times a day, because there are timers that stop you from playing and it would make some of us feel bad that in order to enjoy the game even a little you would have to pay.  That’s is all incorrect according to Bethesda.  They showed a very neat walkthrough of how the game works and I fell in love with how simple it is.  Simple but yet extraordinary in depth.  This is something I am worried about with upcoming game developers trying to appeal to the mobile market. I don’t mind this so long as two things:

1. They continue to work on Console/Handheld games.

2. They actually make the games good and when I say good, yes I am referring to Fallout Shelter.

As of right now Fallout Shelter is available on ios devices as a free download and even though I can’t get it right now I highly recommend supporting these guys by trying it out.

I left the video right there for you and I also posted some really cool screenshots just in case you haven’t seen it.

Bethesda-Launches-Fallout-Shelter-Mobile-Game-for-iOS-Android-Version-Coming-Later-484310-4 fallout-shelter Fallout-Shelter maxresdefaultno

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Thanks for reading.


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