Windows 10 Absolutely Free

Hey guys I just want to say really quick happy fourth of July!!!! I’m having a good time with my ridiculous family, comment below and tell me how’s your 4th.

Anyways on to the great announcement that a lot of us “geeks” already know. Windows 10 is completely free, yes you heard it right, free, in America something is free, what better day to make that joke.

Apparently if you have a Microsoft phone, tablet or PC it is free to sign up with your e-mail address and basically you are reserving it so when it releases those of us who reserved it will now own it. It’s 119$ dollars and the really cool thing is that if it’s on one of our devices we have the ability to reset our systems and also reinstall windows 10. So yes we own it. Microsoft’s goal was to make Windows 10 a mix really, consisting of both Windows 8 & Windows 7 this way you can decide if you like Windows 7 more, Windows 8 or a mix of both is the one I am really interested in.

Now obviously this is optional just like having windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1.    The last thing you guys should know is that you at least need Windows 7 to upgrade.


I left the Microsoft link at the bottom so if you have anymore questions about Windows 10 They should definitely have an answer for you.

Alright thanks for reading once again guys, thanks to all of you I’ve reached a good amount of followers and a decent amount of activity so thanks for that and have a Happy Fourth of July.

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Thanks for reading.


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