10 Games that are worth it on Amazon

Hey guys, here are ten games that I think you will enjoy for the price, especially if you haven’t played them yet.

#1 – Bloodborne


I personally bought bloodborne from gamestop and since I traded in a game or two (I don’t normally sell my things and neither should you) so I ended up getting it for 25.27$. For 39.99 brand new I think that this is a great game and like I said if you didn’t get to play it yet, I recommend it.

#2 – Far Cry 4


If you think that this is just far cry 3 with a 4 on it please reconsider. Far cry 4 has a fun story but far cry 3 had a much more interesting story on the other hand far cry 4 has improved on every ounce of gameplay and customization. I think that with all of the content in this game it is definitely worth 24.00$.

#3 – The Order: 1886


This is something I am currently renting but I would like to buy it. It is much better than most of us think it is and is most certainly worth 28.99$, please look this game up for yourself.

#4 – Watch Dogs


I had a lot of fun with this game and the ending pays off. The game drags on a bit with the hacking but it’s not impossible and is actually pretty fun when you manage to pull off a mission. I am gonna get this title again for my collection and is certainly worth 14.99$.

#5 – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


I first saw actual gameplay of this title when my cousin downloaded the demo on my ps4. There isn’t much to say about this since after all it is a LEGO game but from what I saw and got to play it seems like a very solid game. I want to eventually pick it up and I recommend this for 14.99$.

#6 – Borderlands: The Handsome Collection


I have played both the pre-sequel and borderlans 2 and have beaten both of them. Since this collection comes with all of the DLC for both I would argue that especially for a newer title I think 39.99 is worth it. Also guys if you haven’t played these yet please give it a chance.

#7 – Titanfall


My friend first recommended this game and I got it on my PC. It is much better than you might assume because of all the hate people give it. So for 17.99 it is very much worth a try.

#8 – Mortal Kombat X


Okay so before I start laughing just know that this entry is only if you buy into the hype of “The best new fighting game”. I rented this title and I almost loved the story, except for the fact that you can beat it in one sitting. So if you want MKX 41.14 might feel right to you and for a new game it seems like a solid price drop.

#9 – inFAMOUS: Second Son


This was my first ps4 game besides, TLOU: Remastered, UFC and Destiny. I love inFamous games and since this is a 39.99 game usually, please consider for 26.95.

#10 – Uncharted: Golden Abyss


According to the internet it is usually 39.99 on amazon. This game is actually 19.99 new just like most vita games. For 15.99 brand new it’s worth the asking price.

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  1. Titanfall is going to be free on EA Access soon so I would recommend waiting for it. I got Watch Dogs for 75 cents so…

    The Order is only 5 hours long… no 5 hour game is worth that price. It was disappointing as hell. It’s easily the worst game on the PS4 and that’s come out this year so far.

    Far Cry 4 is Far Cry 3 with the number 4 in front of it and part 3 was better imo. Part 4 has it’s moments, but they quickly fade away. It has very little replayability.

    I agree with everything else’s price.

    Nice article.

      1. It’s going to be free on Xbox One and it’s like $5 on PC. All of the dlc is already free too so no one would have to purchase them if they decide to get the game.

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