Far Cry 4 on sale now!

Hey guys.

Far Cry 4 has a temporary price drop and if you haven’t played this game yet it is definitely worth it, if not i would still pick it up for my game collection.

So on amazon it’s 19.99 (brand new) for every platform it’s on (except for the download codes).

Screenshot_2015-07-02-17-47-41 Screenshot_2015-07-02-17-47-27

On best buy same thing 19.99 new, I like both of these stores they are very reliable.

Screenshot_2015-07-02-17-44-46 Screenshot_2015-07-02-17-44-54

Unfortunately Gamestop isn’t having this sale. There it is 39.99 brand new and 34.99 pre-owned.

Screenshot_2015-07-02-18-08-04 Screenshot_2015-07-02-18-08-53

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Thanks for reading I’ll talk to you guys on the next post.


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