App of the Day – Smove

Hello everyone.
This is something new I want to start and see if it works out well.
I would like to suggest to you an app for every single day.
It could be a puzzle app, a really fun game or a very useful app that just about everyone should have on their smart devices.

So this application that I chose is a challenge game named “smove”.


I could’ve picked other great ones but this is something I want to get out of the way.
This game makes me want to create a special toxin that turns my face in glass, walk to the nearest hammer shop and break my face on the glass windows outside (did you think I was gonna say buy a hammer? Wrong. I’m too cheap.)
I know this sounds bad but in this case since this is a challenging game, bad is a good thing.

I love how on edge this game gets me and just when I think about to make it to round 3 I get to 29 and a billion black circles trap me with only a split second to figure out this sick riddle.

Screenshot_2015-07-02-06-28-54-1                         Screenshot_2015-07-02-06-29-23-1Screenshot_2015-07-02-06-27-46

One thing I really like about this game is that it doesn’t rush you to make these decisions.
All it takes to become a good or decent smove player is good hand-eye coordination, patience and the ability to be quick about your next move.
Most of which I process but I still manage to fail because I lack patience.

Smove is one of the quickest yet hardest games to start up while you have nothing else to do.

Thank you Simple Machine  (the developers) for making such an awesome game we can break our phones over, I highly recommend this game but only because I want you to feel my pain.

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