PS TV Deals and Bundles!

Hey everyone. Today I want to tell all of you about a deal Gamestop, Best Buy and Amazon are having, which is for the PS TV.

Now this isn’t a deal that just happened, it has been available for a while now.
If you want to pick it up from Gamestop which is the retailer i recommend currently because they are selling it refurbished for 29.99, 39.99 brand new and 99.99 for the bundle, but if you don’t have a Gamestop near you or you simply don’t want to give them your business.

Screenshot_2015-07-01-08-01-53 Screenshot_2015-07-01-07-59-35 Screenshot_2015-07-01-08-48-24

Amazon is also having a pretty reasonable deal for the PS TV and a bundle.
47.49 for just the system itself and 88.88 for the system and a DualShock 3, I don’t mind the extra cost because it’s not too bad especially if you are a prime member.

Screenshot_2015-07-01-08-10-04 Screenshot_2015-07-01-08-10-17
If you guys decide to go with this Amazon Bundle I recommend just buying the one for 47.49 and ordering a PS4 controller separately.

I did the math. You would actually be saving about 39 cents plus you get a better controller, just don’t forget to buy yourself a game and a memory card.
Best Buy is also having just about the same deal as Gamestop for 39.99 brand new, they also offer the original bundle that comes with the PS TV, The Lego Movie Videogame, a 4GB Memory Stick and a DualShock 3 wireless controller.
This deal is definitely worth it if you don’t have a Playstation 3 or 4 controller and if you are curious about that game. 4GB is enough to get you started on but I certainly recommend 8GB.

Screenshot_2015-07-01-08-14-49 Screenshot_2015-07-01-08-15-08
Don’t worry I didn’t forget to talk about the games.
Here is a link of a full list that a friend of mines showed me, which informs you about all content that is working on the PS TV.

If any of you decide to buy this product please get back to me, I would love to hear about it and if you liked this article follow me on WordPress I promise to give more great content like this.
If you want to be updated on upcoming post follow me on Twitter @TheCursedSon, Thanks for reading and I hope this helped.


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