Playstation Store Update

Last time I was on the Playstation Store about a week ago, they still had Dead Space 3 and Vessel. I didn’t get Vessel, but not because I didn’t want to, it’s just because they took those two games off for plus members and added 6 pretty cool games for Plus.

Playstation Plus:


Road Not Taken

Fez (which is also for PS4, PS Vita and PS3)


Crysis 3

Proteus (also on PS Vita)

PS Vita:


Dragon’s Crown (also on PS3)


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pro Edition (99.99 for PS4 & Ps3)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass (49.99 for PS4 & PS3)

Little Big Planet 3 (59.99 for PS3)

Assassin’s Creed Unity (59.99 for PS4)

Assassin’s Creed Unity Gold Edition (89.99 for PS4)

Sony Entertainment Network:

The Amazing Spider-man 2

Angus and Julia Stone

PS4 Games:

Killzone Shadow Fall: Intercept (19.99)

Road Not Taken (14.99)

The Swapper (19.99)

PS3 Games:

Sacred 3 (49.99)

Ultra Street Fighter 4 (39.99)

The Swapper (19.99)

PS Vita Games:

Metrico (13.99)

The Swapper (19.99)

Table Top Racing (7.99)

MotoGP 13 (29.99)

For more information on the updates for the playstation store visit Thanks for reading and I hope that this update helped you out.


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