Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Classic Review


Before I even start going into detail about this game ask yourself one Question. Do you even know what this game is? If you don’t you can still read it of course but old games aren’t really fun to people that are just now seeing them.

I really like this game and I have always enjoyed it. Conker’s bad fur day is filled with action, adventure, comedy & even drama. The bad thing about getting into games later on in life is that they become rare and outdated but cool. They also become very expensive, don’t believe me here take a look for yourself

I absolutely enjoy every single moment of this game. At the beginning of this game Conker’s (you’re) drunk and it’s so original that you can’t even compare this game to anything. This game is about Milk, Alcohol, Women, Frying Pans, Guns, Killing, and Teddy Bears that resemble Nazis seriously they’re called Tediz. Don’t worry about the Tediz though, you eventually get to wipe them off the planet for good. Everything is this game should not be able to talk so it’s ridiculous for me to say that anything talks because everything does… literally! Keys with two eyes on them that you can’t miss… The Keys Have Eyes, sound familiar? Like I was saying. At the beginning of this game you’re drunk and you look like you are having a bad fur day, I guess that’s why the game is called that because Conker has the worst day ever.

There are many enemies in this game that excite you and keep the fun-factor in check. The ultimate Villain of the game is named The Panther King, just like his name sounds he is actually a panther and he’s actually a king… that drinks a lot of milk.

The ojectives can change out of nowhere, from giving a scarecrow booze to smacking keys with a frying pan to pick them up and unlock the doors. After doing all of those things the game skips to a cut scene and the panther king is talking to the professor and he asks the professor to take a look at his end table that sits next to his throne. The professor takes a look as told and tells him that he sees the problem and at this point in the game you’re cracking up because anyone can clearly see that the problem is that a leg is missing from the end table. He tells him to fix the problem and he also tells him that he doesn’t want to get the duct tape out like last time. He seems fine with the threat until he goes in his lab cursing at him behind his back with his German Accent, this is also a funny thing about the game because they bleep it out which makes it even better. The whole point of this game is that the panther king gets a suggestion from the professor that a red squirrel (Conker) would be perfect for the leg.

Conker then finds a piece of chocolate that the professor threw out his window and he eats it. I’m not completely sure because my memory of this game is a little fuzzy but I’m pretty sure chocolate is your health. (Bar chocolate, which means each time you get hit a chunk breaks off.)

The last thing I want to speak about is the multi-player, yes the multi-player. A game that was released exclusively on the 64 that was also rated M had a multi-player, and a good one at that. The multi-player was one of my favorite parts about the game because it was fast and it gave us many options to choose from. I remember that you can pick factions like the Tediz or the Squirrels if that’s what they were called. You can do all the stuff you did in story mode and more, like turn invisible. It’s an old game that’s why I’m not going into much detail but there isn’t much more to tell you guys because it’s a game that gives you what it promises on the cover. A great game gives you more than what you wanted but a good game gives you the product at face-value.

This game is very nostalgic for me and I definitely recommend it if you are going back to classic games.

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