GamesCom – 2013

Hello everybody, today I will be talking about the big event of the other day which is Gamescom but my friend Brian will be joining me today.

So GamesCom is like E3 overseas, it’s amazing because it’s filled with spot lights and Sony lover’s. they showed off many great titles that will be on PS3 PS vita and PS4 very soon, but we’ll get into that in a little bit. Un-like Sony Microsoft had a 30 minute conference to show their support for indie gamers, and if you ask me they’re just copying Sony. They also wanted to show off that The new Call of Duty Ghost will be having dedicated servers for Xbox one. Microsoft also states that they believe that they will have the best console launch line up for games in console history.

Sony had about 2 hours. They also went on to announce that twitch will now be available for all ps4 users to share live stream gameplay with all your friends. If you purchase a ps3/ps4 title then for a limited time only will you be able to purchase that same ps3 game but for ps4 for a discounted price, such as Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, and Call of Duty Ghost (rumors say that around 10 dollars is the limited time discount which is great).

Okay so the PS vita has been out since last year and I think that it’s not credited enough, people are so caught up in these smartphone apps that they won’t even give it a chance to shine. The PS vita has the best touch features and games in my opinion, it’s like having a super-smartphone. The PS vita does not weigh very much and isn’t that much bigger than a smartphone, and speaking of size the PS vita is smaller and more convenient than any other tablet out there on the market.

The ps4’s interface is a huge upgrade to the ps3’s media bar also known as XMB. Everything is a lot more smooth and now you can see exactly what your friends are doing at any time, you can also share screen shots and video clips of any game on the ps4 at any time. Everything is more fluent and the ps4 menu is a lot more social. Sony is taking a big step for gaming and an even bigger step for mankind with the ps4 and with the power of the ps4 you can now start playing a game you just recently started downloading, no more waiting for that 10GB game to download & install so you can shoot things.

Let’s be honest. We want features, sure. We want the system to look cooler, of course. The thing we need most of all are games, we want them and if you’re a gamer like you claim to be then you need them just as bad as me. Rather you’re a pc, PlayStation, or Xbox gamer you need games, because the one thing everyone is supposed to be looking at has no attention. Everyone is so worried about there primary system but you forget that we grew up on Sega and Nintendo no one was a fan boy in those days, why do you think? Because it was about the games and not the console that plays them.

Sony has a powerful arsenal of knowledge, they listen to what the consumers want, unlike Microsoft that forces you to buy the Kinect on the other hand Sony made the camera optional setting the console to the reasonable price of 399.99. Sony is ahead, but the only reason they are ahead is because they have learned from their mistakes on the ps3, they accept that and they are ready to move on to the next level. Nobody wants to be forced to buy anything no matter what it may be or how cheap it is, this only lets us know that Microsoft is “Money-Hungry”, as if they didn’t have enough of it. Even though us PlayStation gamers have to pay for PlayStation plus to play games online, it’s still a better deal over Xbox live because PSN is now having dedicated servers and with PlayStation plus you’re getting discounts and free games, what more can you ask for?

Remember that feature the Xbox 360 had that PS3 users didn’t? well this time around Sony has added the ability to listen to music while we concur and destroy our friends on the ps4. With cross game and video chatting there are no more features that the Xbox has that we don’t. it is very equal now except that PS4 has more of a variety of games to choose from other than first person shooters. Sony will also be having an exclusive service called Gaikai sometime in 2014 that allows you to stream PS3 games as well. Sony had an overall great conference at GamesCom this year, they made exactly the right move by announcing the release date, this lets us know that they are ready and confident for next generation gaming.




  1. Awesome article dude. I also don’t understand this whole fanboy thing. I go where the games are just like you. Unfortunately for Microsoft they f*****d up at E3 and the communication after that was a disaster. For me all the best games happen to be on the PS4 and PS Vita. The only Xbox one game I’m looking forward to is Titanfall and as awesome as that is I’m not willing to shell out so much cash for that console in order to play it

    1. Thank you very much, unfortunately i’ve been sick so i haven’t been able to post the things i wanted to do. i can say that i will be posting a lot of content, but tonight i’m going to try and post ps4 & xbox one: pros and cons. One more thing, i get where you’re coming from and i want everyone to know that i’m not a fanboy of anything except super heroes and just to let everyone know i used to play my xbox 360 and let my ps3 rot in my closet.

    2. I fully agree because people look at it as if i’m just bashing consoles when really i’m telling the truth and they don’t realise that different people grow up on different consoles and just so happens i grew up on everything but sony is always better to me.

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