The Fighter or Warrior, Which Is Your Favorite?

Okay so what made me think to write about this are three things:

  1. I saw a picture of Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale from “The Fighter”.
  2. I just finished watching “Lawless” with Tom Hardy.
  3. You can’t tell me honestly that someone has already written about this.

Both Movies are great and very well explained, but which one do you enjoy most?

In The Fighter Mark Wahlberg is the star (no doubt about it) but in Warrior there are two stars and even though Marky Mark is the star of The Fighter, there are many stories told in that film. I keep laughing because here I am asking you people to choose which movie you like best but I can’t choose. Even though I enjoyed The Fighter more than Warrior when I had seen it for the very first time I cannot tell you guys a lie, I seriously can’t choose. Just because Marky Mark and Patrick Bateman (if you don’t get that, watch “American Psycho”) are two of my favorite actors doesn’t mean that I can easily choose it over a movie with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. Both actors in the fighter gave it their absolute best (especially Christian Bale), in warrior they give it all they have. Both Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy have accents, trust me they deserve credit for this but you have to remember that Christian Bale also has an accent so it’s kind of 50/25 on that on. Besides the stars you already know in both films, there are many famous people in both films. These movies have two things in common, number 1, they’re both about fighting. Number 2, the movie is about two Bother’s. The one thing these movies don’t have in common is that they are not the same type of fighting and please think of this when you pick your favorite, one is about MMA & one is about Boxing (two completely different sports). As far as which one has the best fighting, Warrior and which one tells the best story, The Fighter. I care more about a story then action movies, but don’t misunderstand me Warrior tells a great story. Remember this isn’t a review this is just an overrated question, so I’ll ask once more. Which one is your favorite?

Trailers & Photos below:

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