Iron Man 3 – Review

Iron Man 3 where do I start? Oh I know let’s start with the fact that Pepper is so annoying through the entire movie… except the end, but still through the whole movie she keeps saying things like “You care about Iron Man more than me” “Pay attention to me” “Tony” “I’ll be sleeping down stairs”. I wish just once through the movie he back handed her and got in his suit and left.

So when I first heard that this movie was on DVD you know I had to get it because Iron Man is one of my favorite heroes. I like Iron Man just as much as Batman and I think it’s because they both got revamped, although they are completely opposite from one another. Bruce Wayne may be a billionaire but he doesn’t flash his money like Tony Stark, Tony Openly tells people he’s Iron Man while on the other hand Bruce’s primary goal is to keep his identity a secret. Another thing they don’t have in common is that batman will not and I mean will not kill someone no matter what but if Tony has no other option he would kill someone with no hesitation.

So if you think that in the new movie Tony doesn’t kill anyone then you’re so wrong, but don’t worry he also saves people so that makes it okay right? I read that Iron Man 3 might have been “too dark” and I thought that at first but when I saw it, it was just like every other Iron Man movie. A little shock value, some drama, fair amount of comedy and all the action you need but he is still Iron Man none the less.

I left a trailer below and I know you appreciate that awesome picture at the top and if you scroll down you’ll notice that, wait, wait, wait, never mind just find out for yourself.




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