GTA 5 Online Details and GamePlay Footage (link included)

Welcome people, Today I will be talking about the new and improved GTA Online.

A buddy of mine asked me to watch the trailer and I said sure but honestly I didn’t at first because I saw the first trailer for GTA 5 and I have to say that I thought it was some-what improved but I had my doubts. GTA 5 story-mode may be cool, let’s just be honest and say that no matter how great or good a video game is, the story always gets a little boring and you pop in a completely different game and say you’ll play it later and you will of course but that doesn’t change the fact that multiplayer is a key to making money and not only that, it’s also fun if you do it right.

Multiplayer is like a self-project but some if not most game companies treat it like homework. My point is that if you’re doing something for someone or yourself you always pay close attention and put your blood into it if you have too, but like I said some if not most companies treat it like homework which means that if they feel the need to do it then they give us whatever is good enough to be considered Grade D homework if you know what I mean.

In the GTA 5 Online Trailer there were things that will change multiplayer history, it was like watching something that you only hear about. With Saints Row IV dropping in a few days (specifically August 20th) GTA 5 will destroyed this series if it hasn’t already destroyed itself. Seriously though people come one, Aliens? President? Believe it or not I use to love Saints Row  but ever since The Third I was highly disappointed, anyways that’s another sorry game for another garbage blog.

Apparently in the new online for this game you can do numbers of things only such as:

Rob Liquor Stores and or Gas Stations.

Make Money.

Do Heist.

Buy Houses and or Apartments.

Buy Clothes.

Buy and fully customize your own car that you can now park in a garage.

Purchase and fully customize Guns of your choice.

Pick a person and completely Customize your face, hair, skin tone, clothes and tattoos.

(Rumored) I don’t want to give anyone’s hopes up so maybe just maybe you can have a voice.

I know for a fact that even in multiplayer you witness real cut scenes.  This game is where it needs to be and for current consoles, I mean seriously what more can we ask for. To be honest they had me at robbing liquor stores. Everyone who ever wished more out of GTA V needs to be happy because of these small or rather big details of this game, to be able to customize your own guns? Aren’t you sick of weapon sets? Instead of that off brand glock we can have 1911’s and a number of assault rifles.

Don’t get me started on the car customization because you can now show off your cars too your friends and show them your sick crib and I think this is where I would feel like I’m playing Sims and GTA because this has never been done before in game history. RockStar is about to get rich because this is a game changer, literally! Please don’t think I am the multiplayer type because that’s actually the opposite of my gaming status, I may be some-what young but I’m a very old school gamer. I’m talking about SEGA & Nintendo 64 days, I also loved the Gameboy advanced (one of my favorite handhelds). All I’m saying is that if a company does a multiplayer game the right way and not the “homework way” then I will gladly try it and most likely enjoy it. When I was 10-11 years old my mom pre-ordered GTA IV for me and I was so excited because it had been so long since they made a new one. The GTA series has came a long way from the very first GTA title, I just hate thinking that what RockStar is really trying to recover from is GTA IV because we all know no one had a problem with GTA until GTA IV. GTA IV Was Amazing when it first dropped in 08’ mostly because of the graphics. GTA IV had alright multiplayer from many game modes to choose from, I enjoyed freemode from time to time but honestly I think everyone got bored no matter what gamemode they were playing. The cause of this game being so boring is that number one it’s so plain and almost anti-colorful and trust me when I say that GTA IV & GTA V are absolutely nothing alike.

One thing I can say for sure that RockStar changed was that in GTA IV you couldn’t just “hang out” you always had to be doing something illegal and not being able to have normal things in a normal life is sad for a game that bases their whole motto on freedom. Games tend to have good and bad moments you know the usual ups and downs but this is a true low because GTA IV was worst than GTA  San Andreas and please tell me how a simple ps2 game beats a next-gen game? GTA IV Has bad frame work and the texture is unbelievably bad too the point that it looks like it hasn’t finished loading. If I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure IGN gave it a solid 10/10 and that right there proves that the people over at IGN are getting paid to rate things, I personally hate IGN and I think it’s about getting paid, why else would they stretch so far to put down max payne 3. They said that it had lack of freedom and I was just like… what?

SO if you think a game is going to get a 10/10 which it might deserve most likely it won’t because those people are getting paid to explain the game and then say 7/10 just because they didn’t get that extra 5,000. I suggest that you ask real gamers like me then I can give you an honest review rather I hate the game or not, I can’t judge something and call it bad just because I don’t play it.


That’s enough of me telling you about it just scroll or go down there and click on the link I left you people to watch, please give feedback bad or good is fine and don’t forget to follow me on twitter and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.



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